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Ready to have some FUN ? GOOD!!!

While we tried to make our site as simple as possible,

here are a few things that could make it easier for you.


#1   Bookings

Choose your desired date on the Calendar. If the words "Movie Pkg" do not appear on a

particular date, that package is already booked and unavailable. The same goes for the words "DJ Pkg".

Click on which package you wish to book on a date. That will take you to an information screen where

you need to give us some required info. Then click on the green bar to pick a time slot. There actually isn't

a time slot, that's just how this system works. Once you click on the green bar, it will turn yellow and the

payment center will show at the bottom of the screen. If you are using a coupon, this is where to enter the

code and clickthe 'submit' button for the coupon and it will adjust your payment price. To make you payment, click

on the "Buy Now" button which will take you to our payment center. We use Paypal processing for our 

payments because of their extensive track record and stringent security systems,

but you do not need a Paypal account to use it.


#2   Create an Account

You do not need to. You can make a booking and make a payment without a user account.

BUT, with an account, we can let you know when we offer Super Specials. Without an account,

we cannot apply 'reward points' and it makes it really hard to do a refund or credit back,

if that ever becomes necessary. Without an account you cannot write a review.

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