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Not just any music - YOUR music ...

Have you ever priced out hiring a DJ? Do you think it's ridiculous how much they charge ? We do too.

That's why we started our "Be Your Own DJ" service.

With our DJ package we supply you with everything you need to host a spectacular experience.

Our package includes: 

  • Premiere Sound System - Minimum 1700 watts
  • Microphone
  • All cable and connectors
  • Chauvet Gigbar IRC light show

All you need to provide is someone to act as the DJ and the music.

You can connect a laptop, notebook, tablet, or phone, that has all of your music on it to use as a source.

Our technician will arrive at your event early enough to set everything up, test it, and give you,

or whoever will act as DJ, a crash course on the equipment. Our technician will even remain at the event

for support, and when the event is over, all the equipment will be packed up and removed.

Our DJ package is only $299.00

Visit our Booking page to make your reservations now.

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