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Coupons & Discounts

There are coupon codes listed below that you may use at the time of payment. 

The codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown or they will not work.

We reserve the right to verify that you are entitled to use a particular coupon.


VETERANS (active, inactive, & reservists) - 5% off

     For Movie Nights use coupon code - VetsRFirst

     For DJ package use coupon code - VetsRgr8


SENIORS (62 or older) - 5% off

     For Movie Nights use coupon code - Iamolder

     For DJ package use coupon code - Iamolder2


2FER TUESDAYS - Buy 1 get half off the next

     Book a Movie Night on a Tuesday and we will send you a code to book a  

     Movie Night on a Tuesday or Thursday within the next 60 days for 50% Off.



 If you are a campground, park, community, company, or just like to have 

 loads of fun, Contact us about discounts if you are going to book events

 many times throughout the year.





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