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Frequently Asked Questions

The date I want is already booked. What can I do?

Call us - 219-344-0030. Just because a date is booked, that doesn't mean that we cannot

handle another event on the same date. We are growing fast and our ability to handle

multiple bookings might not have gotten to the web site yet.


How many people can watch a movie on your setup?

Our Movie Nights package can easily accommodate up to 150 people.


Can we do this where there is no electricity?

Yes. But we would need to know in advance so we can make arrangements for a generator.

You can provide a generator, or we can get one and then charge you.


Can you show a movie in cold weather?

The outside temperature has little bearing on the ability to show a movie.

However, think about the comfort level of 'all' your guests. The young. The old.


Can we show a movie outside during the day?

Unfortunately, NO. The sunlight is too bright. Maybe on an extremely overcast day,

in an extremely shaded area you might be able to do it. But the viewing experience would be 

minimized and who wants that? It's better for everyone to watch movies when it's dark.


What's this about a film License?

If you are hosting a backyard movie party in the privacy of your own home you should NOT need a film license.

However if you plan on staging an outdoor movie night in a public place you probably need to purchase

the appropriate non-theatrical license.  As the equipment provider, we are legally not permitted to obtain the license for you.

For more information about Movie Licensing you can go here.

For a Public Place theatrical license you may obtain a license by visiting Swank Motion Pictures Inc. at


Can we pick up the screen and audio visual equipment ourselves and set it up?

We require that our equipment and electronics be professionally set-up and taken down. For the safety of your children, guests and friends, it is best to leave it up to us to deliver and set up the equipment. Besides, you're the host - so relax and spend time with your guests and let us handle the rest!


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